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City of Winnipeg

Come find out why Vogue calls Winnipeg "an absolute must-visit destination," while National Geographic has listed the Peg as "one of the best trips on earth."  
The City of Winnipeg is located at the junction of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers, almost at the geographic centre of North America. With an ethnically diverse population, Winnipeg is characterized by slow but steady growth. It is the eighth largest city in Canada and dominates the Manitoba economy.

Experience the joy of polar bears swimming overhead at the Journey to Churchill exhibit. Take an interactive journey through humanity’s struggles and triumphs within the architectural marvel of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Discover the charming Exchange District with its handsome architecture, hip restaurants and fashionable shops. The Forks has a unique licensed public market that foodies will fawn over, while its rivers are serviced by scenic boat trips in the summer and the world’s coolest skating trail in winter. Performances from Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet, the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre are sure to enthrall. 

On the horizon we have Qaumajuq, the Winnipeg Art Gallery's $65 million Inuit art centre, which will house the world’s largest collection of contemporary Inuit art, as well as Canada’s Diversity Gardens — a massive $75 million horticultural attraction set in Assiniboine Park that celebrates our interconnectedness with plant.  Any time of year is a great time of year to visit Winnipeg... Our hearts and minds are always open and our creative spirit is undeniable!

Province of Manitoba

The two prominent stars of Manitoba are Winnipeg, with its big-city sophistication, and Churchill, with its profusion of natural wonders. But it's what lies between that truly defines this often misunderstood prairie province. Open spaces seem to stretch forever – gently rolling fields of grain punctuated by silos reach all the way north to the boreal forest and the Arctic tundra beyond.

The magnitude of this land can only be fully appreciated while standing on the edge of a vivid yellow canola field, watching a lightning storm on the horizon, or on the edge of Hudson Bay's rugged coastline counting polar bears while belugas play in the water. Drive its empty roads, stop in its evocative little towns, find the subtle dramas in the land and expect surprises, whether it's a moose looming in front of you on the road or a local blues legend performing in a characterful Winnipeg joint.

From outdoor adventure, to culture and great restaurants – polar bears, belugas, hiking & biking, theatre, concerts, camping and other amazing places to stay, Manitoba is Canada's Heart Beat!

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